We are divorced!

Unfortunately not all marriage work out the way we wanted.

Alex Hawryschuk has lost his job in late 2009, and has been in school till May, 2011. During the entire marriage, he is not contributing to the relationship, rather, he takes advantage as much he can. Patty has been working full time to support living and his school. She comes home tired and she still need to cook for Alex. He believes that he does not need to maintain the relationshiop once he is married. For example, he does not think it's neccessary for couple to do things together, or to make a simple phone call if he will be late home. He lack of showing supportive manner as husband. Whenever Patty raise the issue that she felt he's taking advantage of her, his reponse is always 'Why are you bothering me with 'your problems?' or he will try to avoid it by saying that he felt stressed. He does not solve a single issue raised in between, he is always trying to delay it or to push it back to Patty.

Alex's ignorance and irresponsible manner has really affected the entire relationship. He moved out of the residence in September 23, 2010 without notice. Along with over 25000 CAD of the savings that mostly contributed by Patty. He believe that is belong to him and has the right to withdrawl everything without consent. Patty has asked him to come back after one week he has moved out. He came back but he refuse to put the money he took back to the joint account and said he was 'holding on' to the savings. He also ask Patty to continue to contribute her salary to the joint account because he thinks because it is 'marriage'. Patty did continue to put money into joint account and then Alex continue to withdrawl money from there to buy his own electronics or items without consent.

After realizing Alex was taking advantage of her, Patty decided NOT contributing in any money into joint account any further

In January, 2011, Alex moved out without notice again. Although Patty has asked him many times to come back, he refused. He uses school as his excuse to delay his reponse of coming back or not.

He kept telling Patty that he still 'loves her'. Alex constantly came back to the residence asking Patty to cook food for him so he can pack them to go home and to sleep with her by telling her how much he loved her. Patty has no idea where he lives.

At that point, Patty knows this is a dead end, she knows he is lying about he loves her and she knows he is trying to delay it, and he is trying to take advantage of her as much as he can.

Patty filed divorce in May, 2011, and the divorce was finalized in Sept, 2011. Patty wish not to see him ever again in her life and wishes this lesson learned that you should never married someone who is irresponisible and ignorant. A person's action shows who they really are. If a faith is lost, it's never easy to pick it backup. If today Alex has came back and put the money back to the saving account and start making up the mistake that was made before, or start doing things together like a couple, things would not be this bad

Instead, he took the money and believe Patty should continue to trust him, in all human nature, no one can ever do that.

Currently Alex Hawryschuk has moved to Ukraine/Russia using the joint saving that he stolen from the account.

Patty has left her job and pursue her dream of the life time - To travel the world.